Sitting on the school bench,

They tell us to choose a path

Its arts or science.


I believe in an equilibrium never adduced

I stand in the grey day by day

Over my head, judges claiming

black and white

Its a supremacy on it’s own

To restrain diversity, as though the human race were an extinct ratio


Beautiful minds out there

But will never reach the top

From the school bench I hear them ask “what went wrong”?

Little did they know,

we blossom under unrestrained growth

Little did they know we utilize by dispensing shares of justice.

secluded refineries will forever be hunted.

Secluding great minds will lead to extinction.





I match the sand

I harmonize with the blue of the sky

I’m water, constantly in flowmotion

Who are you not to see me?

My picturesque patterns,

My vibrant moods

Who are YOU to tune out,

The beat of my racing heart?

You want to feel.

Who are you, to reap the fruits of arduous labour?


Love, I have felt  you many times, differently

Though, mostly

Delayed, weak and inconsistant

Due to an absorbant mind

I’m inclined to take  “Love” as an agent of time.

Love, you come with time

Love, you come in time.

And yes, you might be delayed, weak and inconsistant

But you never go, in as much as “Time” is a constant on earth


Death you go were time isn’t


Death you never come, in as much as “Time” is a constant on earth

Concludingly, time seems to me to be our greatest asset on earth

While knowledge remains our principal, our equity.


When I Tasted Freedom (Part 1)

You withheld the truth, undermining veracity

How else would I have known the taste of freedom?

Hadn’t I ran off, away from your raving dorm

How was I supposed to know that freedom was free?

When all around me everybody pays with perpetuity

Whatever you have done to my father

Blinded him, disenabling him to seek his root of heritage

Whatever you’ve done to my mother took possession over her guts.

Lamed off your brainwash, they can hardly dance to the rhythme deep within.

A Disconnection you’ve amplified in so many ways,  making me an abnormality

It takes a village to raise a child,

I am a product of One.


You better run

Standing, eye to eye but you refuse to see me

Tell me, is there no room for us both?

Cause each time I get louder you go silent.

Sworn to you countless times my success could never deminish yours

I tried bringing back the spark, you know?

Thrill, Notion, Seductivity .. Innumerable efforts all futile

What a shame my physique comes with my mind

What a shame integrity is here to stay

Cause when I finally find my voice you disappear

Remind me again

Who taught me the meaning of Love?

how did I learn by heart to care?

To become deligent,

applying due care.

how did I memorize that respect is a substantial value of love

without which, we become negligent?

I ask because today my standards seem foreign to my generation.

Morals I had perceived as communal are rare.

Remind me again who made me alien to my nation?

A System Bound To Fail

Didn’t approve of her, flying free

For they feared her team of white wings would disrupt their system.

Brainwash, an act of expurgation.

The man, they phased out his indigenous state.

..Sitting  in the dark, he’s leashed

They didn’t want to cut loose the chains,

For they feared his strong, dark, fists will break the system.

If only they hadn’t forgotten this; She already ate the apple

Hence, Their system was bound to fail.

“When? If not now”

Is life all about competition?

When will we learn to “love thy neighbor”?

To look beyond and seek gold

Not in goldmines but deep within our souls

when will we learn to tolerate,

To put aside disparities

Let Love conquer every quest of harmful incentives

Harm we plot to hurt each other.

I am not envisioning a perfect humanity

However, What my heart desires is to see transformation

What I would love for any nation of this world?

The acknowledgment of severely needed change.